The Kitchen Brigades

Discover our culinary workshops program offered in high schools as an extracurricular activity.

The Kitchen Brigades

The Kitchen Brigades program is offered as an extracurricular activity in high schools. It targets young people aged 12 to 17 through workshops that focus on learning basic cooking techniques and healthy eating habits. In addition to the 18 thematic workshops, the program includes 3 exciting culinary challenges, a special holiday workshop and an inter-school competition.

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The Kitchen Brigades in Quebec

The Kitchen Brigades program has been offered in high schools across the province since 2012 and, to date, nearly 14,000 young people have benefited from it. Since 2019, this program has also been offered in English. We invite interested schools to download this presentation document to learn more about registration and implementation procedures.

Présentation Brigades Culinaires

The Kitchen Brigades in Canada

Since 2019, the program has also been expanding to French and English Canadian high schools outside Quebec. There are currently about 20 of them spread throughout most provinces.

We invite interested schools outside Quebec to commmunicate with our team to learn more about registration and implementation procedures.

Inter-school competition

The Kitchen Brigades workshops conclude with an inter-school competition where the best brigades from each region compete to win the title of best brigade in Quebec. The provincial final is held in the spring and is hosted by Ricardo Larrivée. A jury of top chefs and industry members will evaluate the brigades' creations and select the winning school.

In 2019, the provincial final was held at ITHQ, and École du Delta de Matagami from the Nord du Québec region won top honours!

Please note: for now, the inter-school competition is only organized in Quebec

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Web E-Learning Platform

This web platform allows assistants from participating schools and chef-trainers to view web-based information capsules and download all documents in digital format. There is also a FAQ section and our contact information for further information.

We invite interested schools to register for the program by completing the form in the Schools/Organizations section.

*Only for Quebec schools.

Web E-Learning Platform