Cook up your Future

The Cook up your Future culinary training program is designed for young people in youth centres

This culinary training program is based on three initiatives:

Culinary kit

In order to make young people aware of the importance of cooking, a starter kit is offered to those who are leaving the youth centres and moving to an independent life. In collaboration with the educators, the idea is to offer an opportunity for exchange as well as the tools needed to discuss nutrition and lead a cooking activity before they leave the centre.

Visiting the grocery store with Chef Oli and La Tablée des Chefs!

Culinary workshops

The 24 workshops, each lasting two hours, are led by a chef or cook assisted by two educators from the the Ensuring Qualification and Independence Program (EQIP). The aim is to encourage young people to develop food autonomy, in particular by providing them with knowledge of basic cooking techniques, nutrition, as well as hygiene and sanitation rules in the kitchen.

Socio-professional training in the kitchen

The professional training program offered by La Tablée des Chefs to young people from youth centres is offered over a 10-month period in the kitchen. It offers continued support to young people who show particular interest and aptitudes in cooking. The theoretical training program is also accompanied by on-the-job internships and catering experiences. Ultimately, succeeding in the program prepares the student to work as a cook in the restaurant industry, or to pursue higher education in cooking. Through this innovative program, we hope to contribute not only to the social integration of these young people, but also to the development of the restaurant industry in Quebec!