The Solidarity Sparkles are the result of a rigorous selection of the best apples from the Lassonde orchards. A sparkling drink made from 100% Quebec apples to celebrate the 20th anniversary of La Tablée des Chefs!

The Solidary Sparkles, a fun and festive way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of La Tablée des Chefs!

Festive and inviting, La Tablée des Chefs' apple must is the perfect beverage to create mocktails or sip as is, all to accompany your non-alcoholic evenings.
It’s also great for creating various cocktails.

To illustrate our 20 years of solidarity, The Solidarity Sparkles are available in a series of 20 unique labels, each one depicting an apple that evokes a significant moment in our history.

Collect all 20 bottles and celebrate 20 years of solidarity!

For 20 years now, La Tablée des Chefs has been carrying out its social mission to feed people in situations of food insecurity and to educate young people to develop their food autonomy! A remarkable feat made possible by the commitment of our employees, volunteers and generous partners.

Purchase The Solidarity Sparkles starting November 23 for $9.75 in IGA supermarkets throughout Québec. For each bottle sold, a donation of $8 will be given to La Tablée des Chefs.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at

La solidaire
First, we had Solidarity Broths and Solidarity Soups... and now to highlight twenty years of solidarity at La Tablée des Chefs, a festive new item is joining our line of solidarity products! Presenting Solidarity Bubbly, a sparkling apple must that was designed so that everyone can have a place at the table.

Collect our solidarity products and support the mission of La Tablée des Chefs: feed and educate.
Les bouchées doubles
Since the first edition of the Solidarity Kitchens- Next Generation program in 2003, the next generation of chefs has continued to mobilize in the kitchen. They have rolled up their sleeves and worked hard to prepare more than a million meals for food banks.
La gratte-ciel
The Grandes Tablées - Montréal, Québec and Toronto is where it's at! These festive and gourmet events are where we celebrate the solidarity that unites the Tablée des Chefs community. For the past 20 years, these evenings have made it possible to gather our partners and business communities in support of our programs that are as delicious as they are impactful!
La pomme du futur
People of Laval, a brand new Tablée des Chefs cooking school will be coming to your city in 2023! Good things come in fours, as they like to say!
La main à la pâte
Each year, more than 500 students and culinary professors participate in the Solidarity Kitchens- Next Generation Edition and prepare meals that are redistributed to community organizations. A terrific way to inspire solidarity and generosity in the next generation of chefs!
À feu doux
La Tablée des Chefs' Summer Culinary Camps are an opportunity for youth to cook, but also take part in an activity that builds social awareness. Each week, they cook up delicious meals for a local community organization. The dedication of these inspired youth gives us hope for the future!
La tranchée
Are you looking for a teambuilding activity, but you have already done all the escape games in a 100 kilometer radius? Look no further: La Tablée des Chefs offers businesses an opportunity to take part in food preparation activities to feed people in situations of food insecurity. More than 800 companies have already participated in these events, enjoying time with colleagues while cooking for a good cause. Help others and have fun at the same time!
Rouge tomate
"I learned how to make tomato sauce. I have made the recipe so much I now know it by heart!"
- a young participant in the Kitchen Brigades program
La pomme verte
In the past 20 years, La Tablée des Chefs has recovered more than 1689 tons of surplus food through its food recovery program.
That is the equivalent in weight of 241 African elephants or 10 blue whales!
La pommette
Your child, ages 10-15, can turn into a master chef by participating in Culinary Camps with La Tablée des Chefs. On the menu: cooking tasty recipes, discovering local food, and learning about food waste and food insecurity. A deliciously fun week!
Dans ma bulle
How many people does it take to cook 4.2 million meals? More than a hundred! Yes, it's the generosity of the big family of chefs and cooks who made possible La Tablée des Chefs' ambitious food preparation project, Solidarity Kitchens. The project was launched in the beginning of the pandemic, when everyone was in their bubble.
La pomme du professeur
With 24 culinary workshops, the Kitchen Brigades program does more than teach youth to cook recipes! It is also an opportunity to develop self esteem and a collaborative spirit and enjoy cooking with a team. To date, a total of more than 25,000 young people have participated in the Kitchen Brigades...and it's only the beginning!
Dans mon assiette
13 million is the number of meals that La Tablée des Chefs has redistributed to people in situations of food insecurity. A whole community that mobilizes together and makes it possible to do what we do best: feed people, one portion at a time.
La pomme-en-ciel
Solidarity Kitchens, La Tablée des Chefs' food preparation project launched at the beginning of the COVID՞19 pandemic, prepared and redistributed 4.2 million cooked meals! A beautiful example of what we can do when we work together.
La Ricardo
Who doesn't know Ricardo? At La Tablée des Chefs, we are lucky to have him as our ambassador, for more than 15 years now! A collaboration that is rooted in a shared passion for cooking and educating youth.
La pomme à Giroux
David Giroux, La Tablée des Chefs' youth ambassador, discovered his passion for cooking at 16 years old, thanks to the Kitchen Brigades program. A revelation! His culinary studies then led him all the way to some famous French restaurants!

He describes himself as a pure product of La Tablée des Chefs, and now in turn wants to inspire other youth to pursue their passion for cooking.
Coeur de pomme
Thanks to partners who are dedicated to suporting the most at-risk youth, in 2022 La Tablée des Chefs gave away more than 5,000 culinary kits to youth from various youth protective service programs in Canada. With the cookbook So good! and a few kitchen utensils, these youth are now better equiped to take their first steps in the kitchen.
La vaillante
Amongst the youth who develop culinary skills in the Cook up your future program, some discover they have a true interest in cooking that they want to explore further. La Tablée des Chefs offers these young people the possibility to follow a training program that helps them discover the restaurant industry and gain real life work experience!
La Tablée des Chefs is buzzing! For the past 20 years, numerous events and fundraising activities have made it possible to pursue our mission to feed and educate. Let's celebrate together, with a glass of Solidarity Bubbly in hand, so that everyone has a place at the table!
La fêtée
We celebrate the 20th anniversary of La Tablée des Chefs in looking toward the future: in twenty years, we can see an even bigger celebration of solidarity and an even stronger Tablée, with room for even more people at the table.

Collect solidarity and support our mission, so that we can celebrate even bigger twenty years from now!