February 29 2019


Culinary School week

A social mobilization of the leaders of tomorrow


MONTREAL, March 1, 2019 - The 16th edition of the Culinary School Week (CSW), which begins today, is part of the Feed initiative of La Tablée des Chefs. Thanks to the support of the SAQ, a major partner of this component, our organization raises awareness among Quebec culinary school students and the public about this situation in the province. During this food chore, where portions of meatloaf are cooked by the chefs and cooks of tomorrow, La Tablée des Chefs reaffirms the importance of its mission to feed people in need and develop the culinary education of young people.

Feed: a part with multiple missions
The Feed initiative of La Tablée des Chefs also includes the food recovery program, which distributes food surpluses between donors in the hotel, restaurant and institutional sectors, and local community organizations. Since 2002, 3 million people have been fed through this component.

The SAQ: partner and social actor
The SAQ, partner of the Culinary School Week since the very beginning, is now a partner of the Feed initiative that allows La Tablée des Chefs to fight food insecurity. The SAQ has also been a proud donor of the food recovery program since 2018. Thanks to its involvement, more than 600 portions have been redistributed to a community organization.

Valuable partners
Remember that the CSW could not take place without the generous support of these partners: SAQ, Olymel, Saputo, Bonduelle, Lassonde, Stoney Creek, Miller & Smith, AlimPlus, Les Soeurs en vrac, Cascades, Tilton, Valupierre, Agro Quebec, Ardent Mills, Courchesne Larose, Hector Larrivée and Les Banques alimentaires du Québec.


• A total of 100,000 portions of meatloaf are cooked by more than 500 students from 15 Quebec culinary schools.
• Cooked portions are redistributed through the Réseau des Banques alimentaires du Québec.
• The impact of CSW is felt in the long run as distribution occurs during periods when demand for food aid is increased throughout the network.