In September 2008, La Tablée des Chefs, in collaboration with the Association of Quebec Youth Centres (l’Association des Centres jeunesse du Québec), began to give cooking classes to young people in youth centers in the metropolitan area as part of a pilot project to assess what a cooking program should contain to be useful to these young people.

Following this experience, La Tablée des Chefs developed a specific culinary program in the format of two blocks of 12 workshops – with each workshop lasting two hours. These workshops were led by a trained chef or cook, assisted by two educators from Quebec’s Youth Qualification Program (Programme qualification jeunesse). Adapted especially for youths, this program is more likely to meet their needs. To this day, La Tablée des Chefs has extended the program to 16 youth centers across the province.

The concepts discussed in the workshops aim to develop culinary autonomy among young people and encourage the acquisition of tangible skills needed to complete daily tasks. The recipes are easy to prepare and the concepts taught resonate with young people. Moreover, the program allows them to discover food-related trades, and possibly enhance the school-to-work transition for some participants.

IGA/SOBEYS is proud supporters of La Tablée des Chefs           culinary workshops in youth centers.