Culinary workshops
for teens

The culinary workshop program for teens is offered in secondary schools and in various communities throughout Quebec.

Les ateliers culinaires

Workshop description:

These workshops are designed to introduce teens (12 to 17 year olds) to cooking and healthy eating and to develop their culinary autonomy while having fun. During the workshops, the teens will learn and practice basic cooking skills and learn how to use the different tools used in cooking; basic principles of hygiene and sanitation will also be explained to them. At each workshop, they will prepare simple and practical recipes that can be easily integrated into their daily routine. They will also discover new dishes and learn about of the importance of healthy eating habits.

Program features:

  • Contains 24 thematic culinary workshops
  • Select a program of 12 workshops or choose your workshops à la carte
  • Consistent with the school calendar
  • Exists either as one 90-minute workshop per week integrated into the regular schedule or as an extracurricular activity

Workshop progression:

  • The facilitator explains the recipe and the workshop objectives
  • The facilitator demonstrates culinary techniques
  • The young peaple prepare the recipe with the help of the facilitator and the coach
  • On-site tasting of the prepared dish (time permitting) or possibly taking it home