Cuisiner pour
manger mieux

Cuisiner pour manger mieux project is part of the Job Readiness Training (JRT) curriculum for students in nine secondary schools on the Island of Montreal.

Cuisiner Pour Manger Mieux

The "Cuisiner pour mieux manger" ( "Cook to eat better" ) project is supported by La Tablée des Chefs in collaboration with four school boards on the Island of Montreal. Funded by Québec en Forme, this regional project is part of a wish to contribute to food autonomy in young people in an environment where home economics courses have been abolished at the secondary level and where culinary skills among young people are declining. By preparing simple and easy recipes, this program enables young people to acquire basic cooking skills and to learn the concepts of a healthy diet that will encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The concepts discussed in the workshops aim to develop culinary autonomy in young people and encourage the acquisition of concrete skills needed to complete everyday tasks. This program helps them discover the food trade business, such as cheese making, pastry, meal preparation takeout and so on. These workshops can also facilitate professional integration for some participants. The "cuisiner pour mieux manger " program consists of 20 workshops (10 theoretical workshops led by the teacher and 10 applied workshops led by a chef from La Tablée des Chefs), and each session lasts 90 minutes.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the development of food autonomy in young people enrolled in the JRT program in the schools of participating school boards.
  • Develop workshop continuity strategies under the JRT program.
  • Give tools to the instructors and chef facilitators so that they can communicate the nutrition and health concepts targeted in the program to young people.